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As title depicts, he is starting to get sticky to me.
Quite out of nowhere I must say.

I was still commenting that he seems quite okay to be around people whom he is not familiar with.

Here's him, trying on his bag.. too big still. so mama will carry first.

It started when I brought Joash to Changi City Point to have lunch with Phyllis on 24 Nov.
While I left him with Phyllis to get my food, he cried as he didn't get to see me.

I still thought it could because he just woke up and suddenly didn't see familiar faces.
Did scared Phyllis abit. Haha..

Then on 26 Nov, brought him over to my mom place and he cried when my mom wanted to carry him.
He eventually did allow himself to be carried by my mom and Javier after a while of coaxing, while sitting on my lap.

Today over at my sil's place, the moment he sees me, he want me to carry. If I'm out of his sight, he bawled as if someone bullied him. Silly boy.

Then again, still easily distracted by toys to stop his bawling…

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